An advanced, cross-platform, 3D audio engine for audio art professionals and game developers.

About YSE

YSE is a C++ audio library. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. Our aim is to make YSE as easy to use as possible. Our tutorials and demo code will get you up to speed in a matter of hours.

Simplicity is not an excuse for limitations though. YSE comes with more features than most commercial sound engines and we are planning a lot more.

Best of all: YSE is open source. It is released with the Eclipse Public License, making it usable by open source as well as commercial developers.

3D Sound & effects

YSE has everything you'd expect from a sound engine: 3D & 2D sound, pitch control, doppler shift and more.

Unlimited Everything

There's no limit on the number of channels and sounds. As long as your CPU can take it, YSE won't stop you.


Most sound engines use only one core for audio rendering, but YSE takes advantage of ALL your cpu power.


YSE comes with virtualisation support. Just set the maximum sound count and YSE will pick the most relevant ones to play.

Localized Reverb

Our reverb module includes standard presets and is completely customisable. You can also assign specific reverbs to locations.

Sound Occlusion

Game developers will enjoy this: YSE can use your physX environment to calculate sound occlusion. Even partial occlusion is possible.

Advanced DSP

You're not limited to playing samples. YSE supports DSP source objects and filters. And it includes a large collection of DSP primitives to build them.

Flexible Speaker Setup

YSE supports stereo, Quad, 5.1 and 7.1 surround configurations. But on top of that, speaker setup can be fully customized.

Full Resource Management

All memory allocation is handled by the engine. YSE also keeps track of all sound files you use.

Virtual synths

Instead of having a single sound on a position, you can also have a virtual synth and move it like any other sound.

Midi support

Generate midi events for virtual synths, either from code or from an external midi device.

Midi file player

Link an existing midi file to a virtual synth and play it on a 3D location.

Download YSE

You can download the YSE source directly from github. A binary distribution is available here. A demo can also be downloaded for Windows and Android. (These demo's are created with the Esenthel Game Engine.)

Visit GITHUB Page


A message to the developer can be sent using the community forum.


No software is built from scratch. Without some existing libraries, YSE would never have happened.


...is used for reading audio files and cross-platform audio output. Portions of the virtual synth implementation also use a lot of JUCE.

Pure Data

...offers a lot of public domain code which is used in YSE's DSP function. I'm very grateful I didn't have to write those from scratch!